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How to Plan for Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) is a tax levied at any estate over a certain amount when the owner passes away. However, there are a few things you can do to minimise the charges. With proper planning, you can preserve the maximum wealth possible to pass on to your loved ones.


How Important is Life Insurance for Your Retirement Savings?

No one wants to think about dying unexpectedly, but preparing for the worst means you can enjoy the present without stressing about the future. What would your death mean for your loved ones financially? Life insurance policies offer the invaluable reassurance that they will still be provided for when you’re not there.


What is Financial Life Planning?

Financial planning is a familiar concept to many of us, but what about financial life planning? You might assume it’s the same thing, but actually, this term refers to a distinct approach within the financial services sector.


What is a Lifetime Mortgage & How Does it Work?

Over time, your pension pot may prove less flexible than you anticipated. Maybe care costs have taken a toll or maybe you want to help out your children with their house deposits. Lifetime mortgages enable older people to access extra tax free cash without giving up their home. Whatever you need the money for, it’s important to understand all the implications before you get started.


Financial Advice & Tips for Older People

There are many financial challenges to navigate in later life, from managing retirement income to planning how your estate will be passed on. However, don’t forget that these are also your golden years, and should be enjoyed to the fullest extent. With careful planning, you can manage your specific responsibilities and circumstances and achieve financial and personal fulfilment.


A Guide to Understanding Your Pension Statement

Every year, you’ll receive a pension statement detailing the progress of your savings so far. It’s easy to stow this document away and forget about it, but actually, your pension statement contains useful information that should inform your financial planning.


How Do You Know When It’s Time to Retire?

Deciding when to retire is an important choice that should not be taken lightly. Though age is often seen as a determining factor, it’s worth considering other things too. From financial health to career satisfaction to family commitments, there are some key lifestyle signs to look out for that may suggest the time has come.


Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest for Retirement?

For many homeowners, paying off the mortgage is a key financial goal. If you have the savings to do so, overpaying a mortgage can offer numerous benefits, but there are things to consider. Paying off your mortgage is not the only option, and some might prefer to grow their wealth through targeted investments.


What Does an Independent Financial Advisor Do?

There are many moments in life when it’s worth getting some financial advice. Whether you’re going through a life transition or just want to take prudent action to protect your future, an independent financial advisor can guide you and help formulate a robust financial plan.


How Does Equity Release Work?

A good retirement plan should ensure you can live comfortably until the end of your life. However, if unforeseen events take a toll on your finances, or you need to make an unplanned-for purchase, you could find that your pension pot is no longer big enough. That’s where equity release comes in.

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