Fees-free initial no obligation meeting

We will discuss how we do what we do and the direct benefits for you and your financial wellbeing.  We will show you the systems and processes we know will be best suited to your specific needs, together with the related costs, step by step.

Actioning recommendations

We will take ownership of the process in making your plan a reality, preparing and assisting with all of the necessary paperwork and systems, along with providing regular updates, striving to remove any related stress or concerns.

Getting to know you

This is vital.  We will have a thorough discussion to delve in to and define your life goals and plans.  Producing a framework of outcomes, important to you in any given scenario.  Then a full audit of your existing financial arrangements, to stress-test and challenge against these preferred outcomes.

Ongoing monitoring and reviews

We will have a programme of regular reviews to make sure your Financial Life Plan remains robust and relevant. Always being on hand to help with any life changes, both planned and unplanned.

Your Financial Life Plan

With the aid of our experienced and highly qualified research team, using state of the art technology and processes, we will construct and deliver your personalised Financial Plan.

Your future depends on what you do today....


We offer a range of service propositions to provide what you need

Initial Consultation

We will provide you with an initial consultation with no commitment and at our cost, with one of our qualified Financial Planners, providing an opportunity for you to ask questions and understand our services in detail.

This helps us to understand your financial objectives and we will confirm how we can support you in working towards these.  We will also discuss the fees and levels of our service in relation to your own unique circumstances and requirements.

Financial Life Planning Service

Financial Life Planning is a process designed to give you focus and time, to set out and work through your specific life plans. 

We will:

  • Encourage in-depth conversations, with specifically designed exercises as necessary, to clearly formulate your desired financial life goals, needs and wants. This may require more than one meeting
  • Carry out a full and in-depth analysis, stress-testing and challenging your current financial arrangements, using advanced “Cash Flow Planning” technology. This helps us to establish if you will have enough money to live your life the way you want to, all the way to the end
  • Discuss and agree your individual risk profile and investment strategy
  • Provide a tailored recommendation, addressing any amendments needed to your existing plans and suggestions for any gaps that need filling.  This will range from essential Life and Income Protection through to Pensions and Investment Management
  • Encourage regular reviews, to ensure your plan stays on course
  • Finally move on to the Investment Management Service if applicable

Investment Management Service

Initial Service

  • This service is only offered after completion of the Financial Life Planning Service
  • Independent advice, provided by your own qualified Financial Planner
  • A comprehensive portfolio recommendation, following advanced research of the Funds and Products available to you. Full consideration is given to your experience, your tax position, your capacity to suffer falls in the Stock Market, your liquidity and the FSCS limits, amongst other areas
  • A support team to handle initial policy correspondence and administration on your behalf
  • Written confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf, and the reasons why

On Going Service

  • All Investment Management Service clients enjoy a regular on-going service which includes a personal review, at least annually
  • Your current risk profile, capacity for volatility and cash reserves are reviewed
  • Your retirement plans are readdressed, if appropriate
  • Your portfolio will be rebalanced, ensuring it doesn’t drift in to a higher or lower risk band than you want
  • Ensuring full usage of the annual ISA and/or pension allowance
  • Full usage of your annual Capital Gains Tax allowance if appropriate
  • Fresh review of your invested Funds, using Independent Review tools and analysis
  • Source of reference for any financial query

Financial Advice Service

The Hansford Bell Financial Advice Service is designed for specific, one-off transactions. As such, no on-going Service is provided. 

This service consists of independent research, advice and implementation of financial products on a “one-off” transactional basis, including:

  • Domestic Mortgages, Equity Release and Commercial Finance
  • Annuities and Open Market Option
  • Protection

Through this service we will provide:

  • Management of implementation administration and monitoring correspondence
  • Written confirmation of all recommendations and actions taken on your behalf, with reasons why

You will retain the option to transfer to one of the above service propositions at any point


There is no charge for the first meeting. This way we can then spend as much time as needed, to get to know each other, your circumstances and how we can help.

During our first meeting, we will discuss and agree the service proposition most suited to your requirements and the fees payable for that service.

We are very aware that to continue to be successful, our clients need to feel that our charges are both reasonable and good value.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax, estate planning and some forms of commercial mortgages