Our Service Propositions.

Discover service propositions tailored to your finances, with plenty of clarity and less of the jargon.

A no commitment consultation will help us get to know your financial objectives. After that, we’ll propose the service pathway best suited to your situation. At Hansford Bell, we like to keep things simple. Listening, planning, acting – that’s our way.

Financial Life Planning Service.

This pathway is designed to help you zero in on what you really want from your life. Once that’s done, we help you get there.

In-depth conversations and tailored exercises help us get to know you better. We find out what you want from your life, what your financial aspirations are, and what kind of lifestyle you want to lead. We don’t care if it takes one meeting or five. We help you formulate life goals; we learn what makes you tick.

Using advanced cash flow planning technology, we conduct a detailed analysis of your financial arrangements. This challenges their workability and helps us figure out if you’ve got enough to live the way you want to.

Can you tell we love to chat? We have another discussion and help you settle upon your individual risk profile and investment strategy.

Our tailored recommendation will incorporate any amendments to your current plans with suggestions for filling any gaps. From life and income protection to pensions and investment management, we cover the full range.

It’s not enough to set sail and hope for the best. We keep an eye on how things are going, making any changes that become necessary, to keep you on the right course.

Wealth Management Service.

This service is only offered once you have completed the Financial Life Planning Service. It aims to help you get the most from the wealth you have already generated, minimising risks and increasing the likelihood of high returns.

You will be assigned a personal, highly qualified Financial Planner who will provide you with straight-to-the-point, independent advice.
A full investigation into the Funds and Products available to you is carried out. After this, we consider your experience, tax position, capacity to suffer falls in the Stock Market, liquidity and FSCS limits, among other things. Based on this, we create a comprehensive and bespoke portfolio recommendation for your review.

If you’re happy with our suggestions, we help you put the new plan into action. We handle all the initial policy correspondence and administration on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

For your peace of mind and to ensure total transparency, we create a written confirmation of all the actions we take on your behalf and explain the reasons why.

We like to keep our clients in the loop. That’s why we offer all our Investment Management Service clients a regular personal review, at least once a year. In this review, we’ll double check your current risk profile, capacity for volatility and cash reserves to ensure your portfolio is in alignment. If necessary, we rebalance the portfolio to keep it in your desired risk band.

Beyond this, we review your retirement plans and how your investments are facilitating them, ensure full usage of annual ISA and/or pension allowance, Capital Gains Tax allowance if appropriate, and continually monitor the funds invested using Independent Review Tools. Outside the official review, we’re always around to answer any queries and concerns.

Financial Advice Service.

This service is for clients who just need advice on a specific financial query or one-off transaction. We can research, advise and implement our recommendations on a variety of financial products. These include Domestic Mortgages, Equity Release, Commercial Finance, Annuities and Open Market Option and Financial Protection.

The necessary administration is dealt with by our efficient and highly qualified team. We monitor correspondence related to the transaction or product and streamline the whole process.
A written confirmation of all our recommendations, the actions taken, and the reasons why is provided, ensuring the process is totally transparent.
Once you’re suitably impressed with our handling of this one-off transaction, you may want to transfer to one of the previous service propositions. We love it when this happens. Welcome to the family.