Your future depends on what you do today...

You may be in a position where some or all of your financial plans have been realised and you now have a significant level of investment and/or assets.  Attention is required to maintain or grow this wealth. Wealth management is all about maximising the potential of the value you have created.

The aim for most of us is to achieve the maximum amount of growth or income with the minimum amount of risk. This is often a difficult compromise.

We will firstly consider all the necessary information, to fully understand your aims, tax position and existing arrangements. Then we can work with you to diversify risk and expectation, always with an eye on your future tax issues.

The Process:

  • review and analyse your current investment portfolio
  • discuss your personal investment parameters and attitude to risk
  • consider your existing arrangements and performance history against your own requirements
  • bespoke solutions to suit your personal situation, income, assets, and attitude to risk
  • regular reviews thereafter

Not “having all your eggs in one basket” has been proven to be sound advice but requires extensive research, monitoring and review. We have many successful years experience in portfolio planning; we can help.

Investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount of capital invested.

*This is not a discretionary investment management service, which is often referred to as a ‘wealth management’ service.