Ethical Wealth Management Case Study

Ethical Wealth Management Case Study

When the day came to find a new home for their investment portfolio, this local retired couple knew Hansford Bell were the right choice.

A Socially Responsible Approach

Following the retirement of their previous financial advisor, the couple were transferred within their previous firm and suddenly found their point of contact harder to keep in touch with. They decided to review the way they were approaching their finances, and needed a new advisor to help them do so.

Tavistock locals themselves of 35years and counting, they first became aware of Hansford Bell through our regular activity in the local area, sponsoring local events and support within the community. A personal approach was important; they sought a genuine connection to the people involved in their finances, a friendly face to talk to whenever they needed. Therefore, our care and passion differentiated us.

Keeping an Eye on Their Horizon.

Hansford Bell partner Chris Palmer worked closely with the couple to transfer their shared portfolio to a new platform and provided highly effective investment advice in line with their ethical stance. He reviewed their current investments and how they were performing, identifying other bespoke, socially responsible opportunities that enhanced their portfolio and proved robust during the global pandemic.

Our careful refinement of their portfolio and longstanding relationship with the couple has allowed their investments to grow by 65% in only 4 years. We meet at least every 6-8 months to talk everything through, adjusting the portfolio if necessary, and providing an overall picture of financial performance now and into the future.

Sustainable Wealth Management.

With Hansford Bell on their side, our clients feel confident that their wealth is being invested both strategically and responsibly. They don’t have to worry about keeping a close eye on their portfolio because we have it covered. From the knowledge that they can assist their adult daughters, if necessary, to ensuring they have a safety net for potential care requirements, our ethical wealth management has taken the weight off their shoulders. The rest isn’t history, but the future.

“We would recommend Hansford Bell to anyone seeking investment advice from a company that truly values and fosters a genuine connection with their clients. Hansford Bell stood out to us because they care about their community, clients and investing ethically. We’ve worked with several financial advisors over the years, but Chris Palmer and the Hansford Bell team have given us the confidence to live our lives without constantly checking up on how things are going. We know Hansford Bell are on the case.”

You should be aware that investments carry varying degrees of risk and as their underlying value can fall as well as rise you may not get back the full amount invested.

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