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We understand.

You talk, we listen. When it comes to understanding what you need from your finances, there’s no such thing as too much information.

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Armed with a full picture of your situation, we get moving. Research, thinking, planning, we do it all for you. Result? A plan for making best use of your money.

We act.

We’re not happy till you’re happy – and we keep it that way with regular reviews and updates to make sure the plan is working.

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While there is a minimum pension age in place of 55, there are various options available to you from this point to access your private pensions. We can put together a financial plan that suits your retirement needs and advise you on the most appropriate strategy for accessing your pensions that fits in with your plan. We regularly review your financial plan to ensure your retirement plans are on track and continue to meet your needs.
The best thing you can do is have a look to see what your potential borrowing capacity is. Here at Hansford Bell, we are able to look through your income and expenditure to see how much you could potentially borrow with mortgage lenders. It is also worth downloading a copy of your credit report if you do not have an up-to-date credit score. Again, we are happy to review any reports with you at an initial meeting. It can be a daunting process for those who have not been through the process before. That is why Hansford Bell like to guide our clients through, step by step, to make the process as clear and as stress-free as possible. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can potentially help you.
Choosing the right health insurance policy for you can be complicated and daunting. You should be aware of the areas of your finances most vulnerable to sudden and unexpected changes to your health. We are able to clarify this for you, with access to a wide and diverse market, identifying available products that are not only cost effective, but relevant to you and your circumstances.

We support our clients’ unique journeys.

Very important, and successful over several years.
How important as the Hansford Bell service been for you?
We feel much more in control of our finances.
How has the way you see your future changed?
Very important for making my money work harder, future planning for my daughter, family advice ref savings.
How important as the Hansford Bell service been for you?
Very much so with the arrival of my daughter, longer term investing as opposed to mid term, planning beyond retirement.
How has the way you see your future changed?
I am finding the presence of Hansford Bell, as financial advisors / planners, absolutely essential in my life in giving me a sense of personal control over my finances and some peace of mind.
How important as the Hansford Bell service been for you?
For a long time I have felt out of control of my financial situation – not able to influence it or make decisions regarding it. I have also made some bad mistakes in relation to past relationships, where I have lost a lot of money. Now I feel much more reassured that I can both salvage my financial situation and take control of it, so my perspective on my future has changed entirely. It’s not only the efficiency of the service provided by Hansford Bell: it’s also the quality of their listening, their authentic interest in my situation and my thoughts / feelings about that, and therefore the relationship that is being established between us, that makes all the difference.
How has the way you see your future changed?
We have valued the advice we have been given and Hansford Bell made remortgaging a smooth process. The Service we have received has been very professional and efficient and the advice we have been given was simple to understand.
How important as the Hansford Bell service been for you?
Very important as staff at Hansford Bell been very helpful in things I don’t understand re mortgage and insurance policies. They will continue to important and helpful in the future as my circumstances financially change in the coming weeks and months. I feel as though I can phone them up anytime with any questions I have.
How important as the Hansford Bell service been for you?

We are
Hansford Bell.

We’re financial planners – with a difference.

We’re a fully independent team of Chartered Financial Planners based in Tavistock with a longstanding client base in the South West, London and further afield. Our dynamic board of directors come with years of experience in the industry – and plenty of enthusiasm too. We don’t overcomplicate things or get distracted by the data. Instead, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Financial Planning Service takes your life goals as the starting point. From here, we plot your course to financial fulfilment and facilitate any changes to help you get there. Whether it’s long-term Financial Life Planning, Wealth Management, or advice on a one-off transaction, we can help you refresh your finances.

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